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Pharmaceutical Marketing challenges to digital transformation 2020 and beyondDigital initiatives for HCP engagement that were nice-to-have, are must-haves today. The article looks into 11 key issues to digital transformation in pharma marketing. With practical action-oriented takeaways for pharma marketers Read More

A monthly compilation of Pharmaceutical Campaigns of 2020 - disease awareness and pharma brand campaigns

A monthly compilation of unbranded disease awareness campaigns and pharmaceutical advertising examples on digital channels, websites, and TV  Read More

As complexity and competition increase in pharma marketing, optimizing the pharma customer experience has become more important than ever…Read More

With 75-90 days into the COVID-19 crisis, isn’t it surprising how we have kept our lives running despite the odds. Big changes that have come in because of the pandemic could never have been thought of otherwise. How has been the journey so far? What trends have picked up and what are the new customer behaviors? What does the doctor want from pharma…Read More


With the COVID-19 pandemic creating havoc across industries. It is interesting to know how pharma companies are helping the public in finding ways to stop COVID-19. Pharma and healthcare companies have geared up activities in the digital domain to launch brands, communicate information to doctors, reach patients and stay connected with their customers. Here are someRead More

Content for Marketing Pharma & Healthcare brands during Coronavirus – Part 1
At a time when the internet is flooded with news, tips, updates and everything there is to know about coronavirus. What can marketers do to create something that is unique and at the same time relevant to its target audience? If you have been thinking hard about developing your content strategy, here are some…Read More

Content Ideas for Marketing Pharma & Healthcare brands during Coronavirus – Part 2

6 trending content categories with useful resources for content development…Read More






As the pharmaceutical industry continues to have one of the biggest roles in responding to the present COVID-19 crisis, pharma marketers are faced with some real-time challenges at almost all levels of operations. What are the general expectations from customers, what capabilities need to be built and how embracing smart digital approaches will help bring order in this chaos…Read More

From Traditional to Digital: What pharma marketers need to know

In a scenario, where meeting doctors is getting tougher- What makes Digital such a powerful way to market today? Digital is no more a trend and why having an online presence is important Read More






What is the only thing every marketer in the online world is interested in? And also get to know what all the digital marketing activities are geared towards? Read More

All your marketing strategy depends on the basic understanding of your ideal customer. The parameters for knowing your customer in the digital world calls for a closer analysis. Lets get started with the process of creating the avatar. Read More

Content Pharma strategy: How to choose the right content type by PharmadigicoachThe marketers today not only have to work on creating content for the doctors, but also the consumers. And not all of them are going to have the same content needs. How can you leverage on the right content type for your customer. Read More

With close to 7 billion internet searches a day worldwide. How do you know of a user’s search intent? How can you gain deep consumer insights to make real-time, responsive marketing decisions? Here are 9 of my favorite tools that can help you discover what people are searching for and why…Read More

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